Comic 903 - Grab Caius, blood the motorcycle

Posted on 6th Apr 2018, 11:36 PM in Shipping Off to Southden
Grab Caius, blood the motorcycle

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Author Notes:

Morgenstern 6th Apr 2018, 11:36 PM edit delete
You take a look at the book directly to the right of the arrow's tip, in case the arrow is actually pointing to that book, specifically.

No such luck. It's another weird alien title book you can't read.

You and Dr. Finch step outside. While Dr. Finch attempts to explain the situation to Caius, you go put a small amount of blood in the motorcycle. You set your blood alarm to inform you if anyone starts the motorcycle.

You return, and Caius turns to you. "I don't totally get it, but I'm on board anyway. Let's do it."

Dr. Finch gives a small sigh.

The three of you walk into the library.

"So," Caius starts, his voice feeling like metal--warm, but not too warm, like lying on the hood of a car after it's been sitting out in the sun a while, "what tha hell were you sayin' ab--"

He stops. He turns, and he stares at Dr. Finch. You see Caius's words as big, bold letters, like a logo.

"That," Dr. Finch states. "That is what I was trying to tell you."

Caius's face scrunches up. You confirm verbally that this is the issue, just to get him adjusted to how your words look/feel.

"Alright, uh," Caius pauses, slightly hung up on the sensation of talking. "...Yeah, that. Uh. ...Let's jus' go get tha book, I don't like this."

The three of you begin to follow the arrow's direction.

...You find more arrows. You continue to follow.

And follow.

And follow.

The library is very large, and the arrows lead you through what feels like an extensive maze. You never see breaks in the shelves, but they curve, and twist. You're sometimes confused by the direction they take--it feels like the shelves are curling in on themselves, yet the path continues unobstructed.

"I can't tell if it's gettin' better," Caius says, "or if I'm just gettin' used to it."

Eventually, the forward-pointing arrows point you to... an upward-pointing arrow.

"You... you must be joking," Dr. Finch says.

The shelf continues high into the air. You can't see the top of it. You should probably be able to, as it doesn't disappear into the dark or anything like that, you just... can't tell where the top is.

"So, what," Caius shrugs, staring upward, "they want us to climb tha damn shelves?"

"Without disturbing any books, preferably," Dr. Finch replies. "There are... librarians, who do not react well to the books being bothered. I... I'll head back. I don't know how high these shelves go, but I... I severely doubt my ability to make such a climb."

"Nah," Caius says, waving a hand dismissively. "Ya got this, Doc. Hell, you can prob'ly jus' hang on my back, I think I'm strong enough to--"

"That'snotnecessary," Dr. Finch blurts out. The waters crash hard.

Caius smiles, and gives a big shrug. "Just stick close, then. You slip, I'll catch ya. Ain't no big deal."


Xylas_Incarnum 7th Apr 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete reply
see if those orbs on the bottom of the shelves are buttons before climbing up the shelves. it'd be kinda embarrassing if we missed something to call a ladder over or something by not checking.
undeadDreamer 7th Apr 2018, 12:02 AM edit delete reply
Ask aloud if there are any ladders you can use.
rufiangel 7th Apr 2018, 12:12 AM edit delete reply
The waters crash hard, indeed. ;D
Madd 7th Apr 2018, 12:38 AM edit delete reply
Ask for a ladder.

Also ask about the policies for checkout and returns.
Twyll 7th Apr 2018, 1:36 AM edit delete reply
Yes, it would be very nice to know the policies, we *definitely* don't want to anger the librarians by having an overdue book...
Blue_Elite 7th Apr 2018, 3:07 AM edit delete reply
Alien geometries. If only there was a way to control them.

Physics don't seem to work the same way in here. When we, "asked," for some directions, it turned out the directions were already there before us. Perhaps if we just, "follow," the, "arrows," we'll be at our destination without actually needing to, "walk," or, "climb," specifically. Just think about being AT the necessary destination or at least at the end of the series of, "arrows," for each series we can observe.
It's like using blood abilities: Don't think about where or how you're going, just think about where you should be and at the same time where you ARE.
And on that note: Follow Looney Toons' physics-rules. As long as you don't think you SHOULD fall, you WON'T fall.

That or try pantomiming walking up. Either walk in an upward direction or act like you're walking up stairs.
PurpleKetchup 7th Apr 2018, 3:34 AM edit delete reply
Can always asking for a ladder and/or borrow&return policies before climbing, in case we can't afford those. The book wants us, but maybe the price is too high.

Just occurred to me that usually you wanna keep quiet in a library to stay on the good side of any librarian. Not sure how it would translate in this one, with voices felt through sight...
fellow 7th Apr 2018, 6:14 AM edit delete reply
There is one way to reach the book without Climbing, but I don't think we wanna.
Wote 7th Apr 2018, 7:11 AM edit delete reply
Are there actually more arrows up? We should probably make sure that GC isn't, like, right there before we start figuring out a way up. :
Memo 7th Apr 2018, 9:12 AM edit delete reply
Good point.. could be the one at the tip.
Also, if it isn't, maybe we can jump?
Leafia_Barrett 7th Apr 2018, 11:31 AM edit delete reply
Check to make sure it's not right at the tip (though it looks like you'd need to climb to get there anyways). If we can't get to it from here, seek out a librarian to ask for a stepladder. Asking a librarian about checkout/return policies is also a good idea.
fellow 7th Apr 2018, 12:12 PM edit delete reply
It may actually be good to have finch piggyback on Caius. Someone needs a free hand to carry the book.

I don't know if any of these three know how to climb, but IIRC you want to keep your arms and legs bent most of the time. Stretching them takes more energy.