Comic 877 - Tell Jury what she missed

Posted on 2nd Apr 2018, 11:56 AM in Shipping Off to Southden
Tell Jury what she missed

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Morgenstern 2nd Apr 2018, 11:56 AM edit delete
You hug Jury. She hugs you back, but she's still not very good at it.

You lead her into the lab, and you all start to explain... everything. Well, almost everything. Caius died and came back.

"I missed some of the details," Jury says, "but I did catch the end of that."

You go through everything from Zene and trying to save his family, to the occult church and their actual magic, and the Many, and the Zone Fifty warehouse, Thale's new stupid trick, you basically dying, your further investigation into the world of ghosts, realizing who Ms. Voclain at the warehouse was, and trying to save her from her own mutated arm.

You sort of skim past your adventures in Southden.

"...Wow," Jury comments flatly. "That's definitely more than I've been getting done."

You also properly introduce Jury to Elizabeth.

"Nice to meet you," Jury says. Elizabeth just... kind of stares at her.

You quietly mention to Jury that there's... still a lot of Thale business you're trying to sort through. Thale's apparently bothered by Jury being involved with all this, and that might translate to some coldness from Elizabeth. ...It's a work in progress.

Jury nods. "No problem."

You consider that Jury may want to ask Elizabeth some questions... but given the way Elizabeth has been quietly staring down Jury since her arrival, you think it might be better to wait until Elizabeth is in a better place mentally.

You change the subject, and mention that you've discovered a lot of Zone Fifty horrors in general--not just the ghosts-as-generators bunker, but the "door to hell" in Bunker C, for example.

"Yeeeeaaah, I thought I knew a lot about Zone Fifty," Jury states. "I was part of it, after all, and I did a lot of reading after they shut down. They kept up organizational walls, though--most branches were completely in the dark about what the others were doing. Supposedly, it was for safety reasons... since, you know, if one person had access to all the toys at once, they could be dangerous. Even Site One mostly saw numbers, they had no clue what was actually going on. There were staff that did runs between facilities when necessary, but they were clueless about anything but the task they were given. It's a solid idea, but it means the fallout of Zone Fifty breaking down was complete chaos, and hardly anything was recorded. Mix a bunch of false intel into that..."

"It does explain why Zone Fifty's leadership seemed so results oriented," Dr. Finch comments. "If they only saw the bunkers as a series of spreadsheets, it would be difficult to take the genuine breakthroughs seriously. I appreciate the thought of keeping the dangerous elements separate from one another, but from what we've been gathering it worked poorly in practice. ...Not to mention that the blinds weren't as solid as intended."

"Oh?," Jury turns her full attention to Dr. Finch, genuinely intrigued.

Dr. Finch adjusts his glasses. "One of the... well, ethereal imprints we engaged with in the ghost bunker spoke of Zone Fifty's director threatening his family. He was forced to sabotage his own bunker's activities."

It takes a moment for Jury to process that. She nods, maybe a little solemnly, putting her hands on her hips. "That never made it to anything I'd read. That could be why Zone Fifty ended up falling apart. Those information barriers were meant to stop things like that from happening... one person with full access to all those resources, full knowledge of all those discoveries, and full control of all those scientists would have been incredibly powerful."

"Thale's got a lot of their stuff," Caius says. "How powerful's that make him?"

"Most o' that stuff is lackin' an instruction manual," Michelle replies with a slight smile. "He's been workin' on this for years, at least... right? He still don't have that whole warehouse sorted."

"He doesn't consider the rest of it important," Elizabeth states. Everyone stops, turning to look at her. She continues. "He has what he believes is necessary. Organizing and documenting what remains in greater detail is a low priority for him. As has been said, however, Zone Fifty's resources were poorly documented and misinformation was rampant. Some of the items in his possession--items that he has disregarded--are clearly more important than he gives them credit for."

"Like the big metal door," Fuse says with a smirk.

"Arrogance is one of Thale's greatest weaknesses," says Elizabeth. "He believes he knows everything he needs to know, and has everything he needs to have. The thought that Zone Fifty's scraps could be a problem had not occurred to him. The thought that anyone could even reach that warehouse had not occurred to him."

"He took Edison but left Tesla," Dr. Finch mutters. "Whatever unknown documents he's gotten his hands on, he knew one had the potential to kill and the other lacked it. ...He didn't attempt to use Tesla as a power source, though, not even for... for for for a weapon or the like. He does have critical information at his disposal, but there seems to be holes in it. Thale's knowledge of Zone Fifty is, like our own, far from perfect."

"I mean..." Caius shrugs. "Gettin' tha ghost gun, and tha notes on it, kinda required us to hang out with ghosts and hum a kids' song. Can you imagine Thale doin' all that?"

Michelle grins. "Our greatest strength is that we care, obviously."

Jury smiles, and gives a very stilted shrug of her own. "I wouldn't be standing here if I didn't think you meant well. Your heart's in the right place. I'm sure that sounds cheesy, but my protocols about right, wrong, my designated priorities... what you're trying to do, and why you're trying to do it, outweighs the how. So far, anyway."

"Not bein' an evil bastard goes a long way," Caius chuckles. "Who'd o' thought?"

"Not to mention everybody keeps turning on him," Fuse adds. "Mac, Shirai, Elizabeth... Thale thinks he can do it alone, but he can't. He keeps making more enemies for himself. The harder he goes in on the callousness and paranoia, the worse it gets for him."

Michelle hugs you, somewhat playfully. "We're gonna beat him with the power of friendship!"

Fuse groans, Dr. Finch sighs, Caius shakes his head. Jury smiles slightly.

"Too far," Caius comments, "way too far."


Crestlinger 2nd Apr 2018, 1:31 PM edit delete reply
But not wrong. Wars have been won, and avoided, by having friends present at the right time.
Maybe get Jury in on what would be required legally to set up our second base/town.
Leafia_Barrett 2nd Apr 2018, 2:13 PM edit delete reply
Michelle, you dork. <3
And I mean, she's not wrong. Our bonds have gotten us a long way, all things considered.

Ask Jury how things are going on her end (if she can talk about them).
psychoshen 2nd Apr 2018, 2:50 PM edit delete reply
At some point it was mentioned that the strength of will comes into play when determining the power of the blood, not just the quantity. We care, and that's a lot more than anyone can say on Thale's side.
pkrankow 2nd Apr 2018, 2:14 PM edit delete reply
Good job Princess Twilight!

We should ask Jury about some biopaste while we have her.

We need to agree on some secret knocks.

Have we tested a pair of walkie talkies through the door portals?
PurpleKetchup 2nd Apr 2018, 2:42 PM edit delete reply
Or rather, explain the current issue with biopaste contamination. As a federal agent, she might have some authority leading to extra quality checks and/or traceability when hospitals procure the stuff.
Hambone 2nd Apr 2018, 4:54 PM edit delete reply
Hey guys we should ask finch what he thinks wouild happen if we brought our spare door into the bunker