Comic 854 - Prepare for a fight

Posted on 28th Mar 2018, 4:04 PM in Shipping Off to Southden
Prepare for a fight

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Morgenstern 28th Mar 2018, 4:04 PM edit delete
You point out that, if he thinks you're police... sending you to his favorite secret fight club seems like a bad idea.

"S'owned by th'Deck," he replies with a sly smile. "Cops might mess wit' me, but nobody's stupid enough t'mess with them."

"It's a deal," Caius states, and begins to walk off.

Dr. Finch pursues him with some effort, as Caius is walking quickly. "Caius! Are you sure this is a good idea? It could very easily be a trap, and not that long ago you--"

"I got this," Caius says simply. He stops, giving you and Dr. Finch time to catch up to him. "No big deal. Some amateur hour underground thing, I can handle it."

Dr. Finch still looks concerned. You ask what Dr. Finch is probably afraid to: Caius was a fighter, yes, but... didn't he end up as a guard at Elegance because his stock wasn't that great at fighting?

Caius shrugs. "We lost to pro fighters, mostly lab meat too. I ain't gonna see any of that in a dirty club--it'll be a bunch o' nobodies, prob'ly tough but jack all for trainin'. Pit me against some billion dollar S rank champ on national TV... yeah, I'll sweat some. Pit me against a rookie street fighter in a dive bar, though, I ain't worried. Plus, I got you two. We're pretty much cheatin'."

You all get back on the motorcycle and take off. You suggest scouting the place out ahead of time--oddly, the club doesn't have a sub level address. It's above ground, near the coast.

On the way there, you double check Caius--he appears fine. His head is recovering in record time, he's healthy, and he has no noticeable injuries... or even signs of old ones. It occurs to you that this is a new body, after all--he's probably in better shape now than he was before the brain transplant. You look at what's left to heal in his skull, and you finish cleaning it up after numbing around the cut section some.

You also check on Michelle, and her progress. It's coming along; she's found a two story building with a basement, and has been steadily patching it up. You ask her how things are, and she perks up. "Oh! So, remember the thing I mentioned--the gun heatin' up? It ain't random. The gun starts gettin' warmer when you take it certain places. I found two spots in Ilworth, and one near the bathroom in Bunker A where the gun starts gettin' hot. Weird, right? Anyway, I got sidetracked settin' this place up, so I ain't messed with the gun much. We'll play with it more when ya get back."

You swing by the club in question. It looks like a dingy bar... a very small one, in fact. On closer examination, there's a string of small bars all around the block, two of them right next to each other, even.


Wote 28th Mar 2018, 4:45 PM edit delete reply
Gonna throw this out here: It sounds like the gun has an unintentional, built-in EM Field detector, 'cause I'd bet money that it heating up is the result of it passively charging off high-energy areas.
Twyll 28th Mar 2018, 4:46 PM edit delete reply
Hmm, so it looks like that gun might not just be for catching ghosts, but also for *detecting* ghosts. Interesting. ...Also oh dear, there's a ghost in the bathroom...?

I suspect the "small" bar is actually much bigger than it appears-- maybe a street-level address with an actual literally underground fighting ring.

Darn, the one issue with this is that we need to talk to Ms. Voclain tonight, and don't want nighttime fight club shenanigans to cut into that since we have such a limited time frame. Maybe we can get it over with quickly?

It might be best to take a nap, rest/practice or something until tonight, so we can be rested up for the fight and for talking to Ms. Voclain. Heh, can Mom's Red grow us a punching bag? Or *we* could make a punching bag, if we extract the stuff for it handful by handful from the Red.

Alternatively, before we head back, a local animal or two would be good to have. Are there pigeons about? Seagulls, maybe, given that this is a port town? Seagulls are easy to tempt close to people because they're aggressive assholes.
psychoshen 28th Mar 2018, 5:28 PM edit delete reply
We definitely could use some eyes watching our backs. Bringing the ones we already have would take some time, but I'm not sure what's available locally.
One to watch the bar and prevent ambushes.
One to watch shady bloke and maybe see where the actual business is conducted.
Leafia_Barrett 28th Mar 2018, 5:59 PM edit delete reply
We could simply have Jane excuse herself before the fight.
Guest 28th Mar 2018, 7:02 PM edit delete reply
While a professional fighter doesn't seem likely the anti-mutant attitude held by the government and the general public might not be present in an illegal fight club.
chaosblitz 28th Mar 2018, 7:21 PM edit delete reply
True, if that's the case we should probably prepare for mutants to be there. We should also warn Caius not to jinx himself, because our easy plans tend to go a little... awry. Maybe we should bring some blood or something, just in case (in case of what, I dunno, but SOMETHING might happen)? If we get asked, we could say it's drugs, which wouldn't be unusual in a club like that. Frick, I know something's gonna go wrong, but since we aren't dealing with our usual mind control stuff I've only got a vague idea of what. I just hope no one gets injured too badly. (also is it just me or is Caius showing off for Dr. Finch? Because I really ship those two. (I also think Michelle and Jane would be good together, as long as we work on Michelle's complex towards us because I'm a bit worried that it's not healthy.))
chaosblitz 28th Mar 2018, 7:28 PM edit delete reply
WAIT MAGIC!!! IF IT ISN'T MUTANTS IT'S GONNA BE MAGIC! I mean, we're in the city where the "How to Summon Cthulhu in 10 Easy Steps" book is located, so they have a higher probability of using magic than anywhere else outside the city. So, overall, my point is that we need to go in expecting either for them to cheat using mutant super powers, or for them to knock us out and try to sacrifice us to an Elder God. Basically, we should probably have backup waiting somewhere. And maybe a bomb if we need to blow the place up.
Madd 28th Mar 2018, 7:41 PM edit delete reply
Guys, I think I agree with Caius.

That bar likely has a basement fight club, infact the bar might just be a cover for the fight club, and is not meant to be used at all.

Look up who the Deck are.
Leafia_Barrett 28th Mar 2018, 7:56 PM edit delete reply
Looking up the Deck sounds like a wise choice.
psychoshen 28th Mar 2018, 8:13 PM edit delete reply
Ideally we should have looked up who the major players in Southden are before we jumped in. If Deck has competition, we could try to play one side off the other. While this info might not be readily available, Jury might have a good summary, with her federal status and whatnot.
Guest 28th Mar 2018, 7:46 PM edit delete reply
Or maybe our paranoia will do us in before anything else gets the chance. XD
Leafia_Barrett 28th Mar 2018, 7:57 PM edit delete reply
We need to be mindful of the fact that we don't know when Ms. Voclain will be freed up again - Jane will probably have to excuse herself during the fight to head back to the bunker to meet her.
pkrankow 28th Mar 2018, 8:01 PM edit delete reply
All the paranoia above, yes.

I don't know what go do about the expected phone call from Ms V
Blue_Elite 28th Mar 2018, 8:04 PM edit delete reply
If a gang/mob is involved that even the local police are afraid to mess with, I'm not so certain Caius will be fighting bit-rate fighters. Maybe he will at first and get an easy win so we score that deal, but I'm not sure if he'll be allowed to leave until he crawls up the ranks for that night.
We really, really need to find out how this works. Will Caius just have 1 match or does he continue to fight until he's, "eliminated?" Will the shady guy purposefully arrange a tough match because of the deal we've got going on? We really need to do some homework before the match.

Also this gives us a perfect excuse to bring, "Medical supplies."
Cuttlefish 28th Mar 2018, 8:44 PM edit delete reply
If we are worried for Caius, with his consent, we could do a little body modification. Sure, he’s already a super-soldier, but we could try thickening his knuckles and skull etc, just for the fight.